Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Advocate Spotlight! Couple Shares Story to Inspire Change

Since suffering a serve and debilitating stroke in 2004 at the age of 53, Rob Mateus and his wife, Kristine (pictured second and thrid from right), have been unstoppable. This Utah couple worked together through ten weeks at a rehabilitation facility, followed by 18 months of outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Thanks to the excellent care he received, and Kristine’s support, Rob’s recovery has been better than expected.

Now, the husband and wife team work together to promote education, research, funding and support for programs to put heart disease and stroke at the forefront of public awareness. “We didn’t realize how widespread heart disease and stroke are, or the breadth of its consequences to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our hope is by telling Rob’s story and actively participating in activities that promote awareness, we can contribute to the efforts of the AHA/ASA to significantly reduce the occurrences of many of these preventable conditions,” said Kristine.

Together, Rob and Kristine have traveled to their state capital and to Washington, DC to meet with their elected officials. Most recently, they met with Representative Jim Matheson while he was home for August Recess to discuss issues including nutrition in schools, women’s heart health, and funding for research- and thanks to their efforts, the Congressman agreed to cosponsor the HEART for Women Act!

“Contacting our legislators has been especially interesting and much easier than we would have imagined. Both locally and in Washington, our lawmakers have been receptive to our requests for their time and their support. Constituent input is important to them and they do listen.”

Keep up the great work Rob and Kristine! Thank you for all you do!

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pratima patil said...

Public awareness is a must for heart disease and strokes. Giving education, funding and supporting program is good to hear. Thanks for sharing informative post.