Friday, October 1, 2010

Former American Heart Association Chairman Appointed to National Health Care Workforce Commission!

Do you want an adequate and well-trained health workforce to meet your family's health needs? So does Neil Meltzer!

The American Heart Association is pleased to announce that former Chairman of the Board Neil Meltzer has been selected to serve as a member of the National Health Care Workforce Commission.

But what is the National Health Care Workforce Commission and what does it do? The commission was created under the new health care reform law and acts to ensure that we have an adequate and well-qualified health care workforce to meet the current and future health care needs of all Americans.

Neil Meltzer has proven to be a valuable You're the Cure champion, advocating for the interests and needs of health care consumers and patients, including those with heart disease and stroke, throughout the congressional debate on health care reform. In this new position, Melzer will have the opportunity to continue his work on behalf of all You're the Cure advocates!

Congratulations Neil!

Want to read the complete press statement? It's available at

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