Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's Flood the Fax Machines on Capitol Hill

August Recess is over and Congress is back in action this week- which means it's time for the House of Representatives to resume its work to get the Child Nutrition Act passed.

Today, the American Heart Association is running an ad in Politico, to help stress the importance of prioritizing action on the Child Nutrition Act this month. Now, we need your help to ensure every Representative sees the ad and gets the message: It's crunch time for childhood obesity!

Will you fax the ad to your Representative today?

We've made it easy! Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Download and print a copy of the AHA's Child Nutrition Act ad.
2. Write a personal message on a cover sheet for your fax, including your name and address.
3. Fax the ad to your Representative (you can find their fax number on their website).
4. Let us know you faxed the ad by reporting your action!

The Senate has already passed the Child Nutrition Act, so it is up to the House of Representatives to make healthier classrooms and cafeterias a reality for our kids this year.

But time is ticking. Before our Representatives' attention shifts to the upcoming elections, we need to ensure they devote their attention to the health of our kids. By getting the ad in front of your Representative today, you can help keep the pressure up until the job is done.

Thank you for your continued work to fight for healthy kids!

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