Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, June 22 marks the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s historic signing of the bill giving the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate tobacco products. The signing of this legislation was an incredible moment after more than a decade of work among You’re the Cure advocates and others, and it’s only fitting we should celebrate!

Many of the provisions of the new law take effect on this one-year anniversary. Larger, stronger warning labels will now be required on smokeless tobacco packages and advertisements. Misleading health claims like ‘light’, ‘low’, and ‘mild’ will be prohibited on smokeless tobacco and cigarette products. Several provisions aimed at deterring children from tobacco use also take effect on June 22nd. Selling tobacco to anyone under the age of 18 becomes a federal violation for the first time, and there will no longer be sales of cigarette packages containing fewer than 20 cigarettes.

As of June 22nd, America’s kids will be better protected from a lifetime of tobacco addiction and the cardiovascular effects that could come with it. It’s truly a day to celebrate. Happy Anniversary!

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