Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deliver a Lunch Tray to Your Legislators!

Right now, your Members of Congress are in their home districts for Memorial Day recess (May 31st-June 4th), and you can help keep the pressure on Congress in our fight for healthier kids.

All across the country, advocates are "serving-up" lunch tray petitions to their Senators and Representatives, to urge them to pass the Child Nutrition Act this year- and we need you to join in the action! Make sure your legislators are receiving this important message by following the steps below:
1) DOWNLOAD and PRINT your lunch tray petition!
2) PERSONALIZE your petition with a note and your contact information
3) DELIVER a copy of the petition to your Senators and Representative by dropping-by their district offices (you can find the office closest to you by visiting your Members' websites)- OR by faxing a copy into their offices.
4) REPORT BACK to let us know you have delivered your lunch tray petition
5) SHARE this message with family and friends and urge them to deliver their petition too

The health of our kids is too important to accept inaction on the Child Nutrition Act this year. Thank you committing to make this important delivery during the recess period!


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