Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You're the Cure Advocates Speak Out on Healthcare Reform

You’re the Cure advocates are speaking out about the need for healthcare reform. As leaders in Congress focus on fixing the country’s healthcare system, it’s important they hear from heart and stroke advocates who can share real life stories about their own struggles with healthcare coverage and adequate care.

You’re the Cure advocate Karen Merrill in New Hampshire shared her story with the national media and communicated the challenges she experienced with the cost of prescriptions. Read more in this Health Behavioral News article.

Another You're the Cure advocate, Frank Amend, had the opportunity to share his story at a Healthcare Forum hosted by the Obama administration in Greensboro, NC. Frank's story was featured in much of the press coverage of the event. You can read a clip here.

Frank had this to say of his experience: "It was an honor to represent both North Carolina and fellow heart and stroke survivors and the Health Care Forum held March 31st. Knowing that I would speak for the millions of Americans who share the same concerns regarding access to affordable health care, I took this opportunity very seriously. Every American living with a chronic disease knows the challenges of navigating the health care system and trying to obtain/maintain health insurance; all the while still providing for their family. My goal was to get this point across to North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue and Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Director of the White House Office of Health Reform who moderated this event.
My biggest constraint was that I only had two minutes to make my case and I'm a Southerner who talks slow! How do you distill six years of fighting heart disease, the stress toll this battle takes upon your family, and the life changes that must be made in order to make this happen into just two minutes? It was quite a challenge; hopefully I did well."

Thanks to both Karen and Frank for speaking out on behalf of all heart and stroke patients struggling with the healthcare system! You're the Cure!

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