Monday, April 20, 2009

People with Heart

Just arrived in DC with the Am. Heart Assoc. folk and everyone has been wonderful. Met a couple of kids, which is great. Wish now I could've brought my own 15-year-old for the great experience of meeting people with such a love of life, and enthusiasm for sharing their stories, a drive to find cures for diseases that some of us have never even heard of. I've learned more about what a precious gift is life and each other. Meetings with government reps await us and we will all be involved in the reform and evolution of our government's committment to healthcare reform - tune in and get involved yourself!

Leslie Gregory, PA-C
Right To Health

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TerriRBroussard said...

It's so great to hear the excitement in your voice. You're ready for the Hill. Thank you for attending You're the Cure on the Hill. You're in good hands with the staff and volunteers in your state.
Good luck tomorrow,
Terri R. Broussard
South Central Affiliate