Monday, April 28, 2008

Bob Scott Woonsocket RI Heart Survivor

I experienced my first heart attack at age 48. I was playiny volleyball at the local YMCA. I got this awful chest pain which I thought was because I worked out earlier. I played three more games. On the last play of the third game I was very, very weak so I stopped playing. That night I visited my mom in the hospital and told my dad I was getting chest pains. He told me to go to the Emergancy room but instead of going I went out to eat. Later that night I woke up to what felt like someone hirt me with a sluge hammer, I woke my wife , told her to dress and take me to the hospital. Stupid me went to shower after the shower I told her to call the rescue and they transported me to the hospital where it was confirmed I was having a heart attack. This was in 1998 and that hospital did not have a cath lab. So after stablizing me I was brought to another hoospital in RI for a Cardiac Cath and they said I needed a stent. This hospital was not allowed to do stents, so I was transported back to the first hospital for another night and in the morning I was yet brought to andothe RI hospital for a stent implant. They also foud out that I experienced a silent Heart Attack and needed a Cardiac By-pass in October of 1999. Since then I have had two more heart attacks and now have four cardiac stents. I also have CHF and a Defibrillator/passer. I am President of the Mended Hearts at Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, RI Assistant Regional Director of the Northeast MH, National Advocacy Chairman MH and a member of AHA Doard of Directors. But best of all I am a You're the Cure Member and am amazed how my story does maake a difference.

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