Monday, August 30, 2010

New Campaign Promotes Healthy Lifestyles in Houston

Today, it’s extremely important to have adequate information about caloric content at the point of purchase to make healthier, more informed choices and to combat increasing obesity rates. The Houston DINEs (Dining Information & Nutrition Education) campaign provides this type of information and more to residents in Houston, Texas.

The campaign, launched July 2010, is spearheaded by spokesperson Dr. James T. Willerson, and The Biggest Loser contestants Cherita and Victoria Andrews, a mother/daughter duo who successfully lost over 250 lbs combined because of their awareness about the importance of adopting healthier lifestyles. Houston DINEs believes that if residents, similar to Victoria and Cherita, are educated about healthier food options, they will be able to make healthier life choices.

You’re the Cure advocates have been contacting their city council members to raise awareness among legislators as well. Advocates recognize that city leaders can do a lot to promote healthy lifestyles and need to be part of the solution to combating obesity in Houston.

As the campaign continues forward, follow all of the latest news and tips on the Houston DINEs blog-

Keep up the good work Houston!

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