Monday, August 16, 2010

August Recess Challenge!

Senators heard your message: they did the responsible thing for our kids and passed the Child Nutrition Act before adjourning for recess.

But now that Members of Congress are beginning their August Recess, we need to make sure the House of Representatives doesn’t forget they have unfinished business on Capitol Hill- Passage of the Child Nutrition Act!

Our Representatives need to see that when schools and Congress are back in session this fall, millions of kids will be counting on them to take action to make cafeterias and classrooms healthier places.

So, help us show them! Deliver the Child Nutrition photo petition to your Representative today- either virually, or in-person. It's easy!

1) Virtual delivery: Click here to send our Child Nutrition photo petition link to your Rep. Don't foget to personalize your message and encourage family and friends to take action too!

2) In-person delivery: You can print off a copy of the Child Nutrition photo petition to drop-off at your Representative's district office. Just visit your Representative's website to find the district office closest to you and stop-by with your petition copy in hand. Don't forget to include a personal note on the back, including your name and address.

With one out of three kids in this country struggling with childhood obesity, the need to provide our kids with healthier options is immediate. The Child Nutrition Act will strengthen nutrition standards for school meals and expand opportunities for physical activity- but we will only see these provisions become a reality if the House of Representatives passes the bill.

Thank you for doing your part to keep the health of our kids at the forefront of your Representative’s mind during August Recess!

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