Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Out and Act!

The weather is finally nice here in the Northeast, so I want to step out from behind my computer for a bit and get outside! You can do the same in your fight against heart disease and stroke. You've been sending valuable messages to lawmakers online, but now you're ready to take the next step? We have some ideas for you here!

Meeting in-person with your lawmaker: These meetings are often brief, and AHA staff can provide information for the lawmaker to look over when they have more time. These meetings have the greatest impact when the issue is humanized for the lawmaker, so be sure to share your first-hand knowledge of why this issue deserves their attention. Survivors, loved ones, health care professionals all provide compelling personal stories that magnify the importance of the sought-after policy change.

Drop-by Visit: To stop at a lawmaker's office and speak with them or a staffer and/or leave materials for the lawmaker to look over. You can do this even without and appointment!

Attend Lawmaker Events: Appearing at your lawmaker's public events and asking specific questions about heart and stroke issues helps keep our cause front and center on their agenda. It can also force a lawmaker to address an issue and give us a response!

Phone-banking: Calling a list of people, generally in your local area, to speak with them regarding the issues. You could also help by making calls to lapsed networkers encouraging them to reengage.

Phone calls to lawmakers: The purpose is to alert the lawmaker to the issues and inform them about why they should support the upcoming legislation. Be clear, brief, and educated. Mention upfront that you are a constituent.

Door-to-door canvassing: Going around your neighborhood, knocking on doors to engage the residents in conversation about our issues and inviting them to become engaged in You're the Cure.

So are you ready to take your action offline? Contact your local staff partner and they'll help you get started!

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