Friday, March 19, 2010

This is It: House Vote on Health Care Reform Imminent

After months of debate, the House of Representatives will vote in a few days to either pass health care reform, or carry on with the status quo of a broken health care system -- and the vote is expected to be extremely close.

Passage of the bill in the House will require 216 votes, and we’ll need to keep the pressure on for every one of those votes until the gavel falls on the final roll call. It’s time for You're the Cure advocates, like you, to take a stand for patients and speak up now! If you’ve been meaning to take action on health care reform, but haven’t found the time - that time is now!

Watch Health Care Reform Patient Stories

We can’t allow the status quo to continue. For patients, it means an estimated 20 million Americans becoming uninsured over the next decade, tens of thousands of Americans losing their lives because they can't afford the care they need, rising health care costs, and Medicare's trust fund drying up. Quite simply, failure to pass health care reform is not an option.

The final health care legislation isn’t perfect, but it makes significant improvements to our current health care system that we can build on for years to come, such as:
  • Expanding health insurance coverage to an additional 32 million Americans

  • Ensuring patients with pre-existing medical conditions will no longer be denied or dropped from coverage.
  • Eliminating lifetime and annual caps on essential medical services.
  • Making coverage more affordable for millions of American families and small businesses by pooling them together to benefit from group rates
  • Promoting prevention by requiring private health plans and Medicare to provide coverage for preventive services
Health care reform is critical to reducing death and disability from cardiovascular disease and helping all Americans live healthier lives. So, at this truly historic moment, we ask you to come together with other patient advocates and demand better than the status quo.

After you take action, please be sure to tell your friends or post a link to our advocacy on your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking profiles.

Thank you for speaking up for progress and being a part of You're the Cure!

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