Thursday, December 24, 2009

Senate Passes Health Care Reform Legislation!

Statement from AHA CEO Nancy Brown on Senate Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
December 24, 2009

After decades of delays, heart disease and stroke patients can look forward to meaningful reforms in our health care system with today’s historic vote in the Senate for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We are gratified the Senate has given Americans a holiday to remember with approval of a bill which, while still imperfect, will benefit patients and their families as they struggle to cover the cost of medical care. Although much more work lies ahead to fix our broken health care system and ensure quality, affordable care for all Americans, this bill lays the groundwork to expand coverage to the uninsured, place an increased emphasis on preventing disease and improve the delivery of care – all measures that will enable us to reduce soaring health care costs and relieve the stress and anxiety of patients who have run out of options in securing quality and affordable health care.

Senate passage of a health care reform bill is an important and necessary milestone; however, we recognize there are more hurdles to overcome in the weeks ahead. Differences between the House and Senate bills must be ironed out in order to complete this monumental effort and produce the strongest bill possible for meeting the needs of heart disease and stroke patients. The American Heart Association looks forward to working with House and Senate leaders to improve the final bill and see health care reform over the finish line early in the new year.


Heartstyle Living said...

I am a Heart Survivor. I want to make sure that I don't penalized for pre-existing conditions with my Insurance carrier. No one should be pushed away when care is needed. I didn't ask to be a Heart survivor but I chose to be one and am alive to spread the word that knowledge is gold. Know the facts on heart disease which is the #1 killer in america. We are alive to do our mission and when needing care in the future, we should not be denied the care because of Pre-Existing conditions.

Electronic Medical Records said...

This is indeed a great news.This disease needed help and the Bill is definitely a breather.The health care in this sense would be very effective I am sure.

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