Monday, June 1, 2009

Senate to Consider FDA Regulation of Tobacco

Committed public health advocates have been working for more than a decade to secure FDA authority to regulate tobacco products and marketing. With the US Senate slated to consider legislation this week that would grant the FDA that authority , we're closer than ever before to seeing this become a reality!

Did you know that more than 3,500 kids smoke their first cigarette EVERY DAY? It's time for Senators to act on behalf of America's children, protecting them from tobacco use and the increased risk of heart disease and stroke that comes with it.

With your help, this bill has already passed the House of Representatives this year by a huge majority. If we can persuade the Senate to pass it- Congress will be very close to sending the bill to the President for his signature.

Support from advocates like you has gotten us this far. Now, help us cross the finish line! Contact your Senators today and ask them to vote YES for our kids!

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