Thursday, March 3, 2011

State Spotlight! A Warm Reception for Arizona’s Halle Heart Children’s Museum

The impressive renovation to the Halle Heart Children’s Museum, the only cardiovascular health museum for children in the country, premiered with an unforgettable Arizona You’re the Cure legislative reception on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Attendees included more than 100 advocates, volunteers, and public officials, including Arizona House of Representatives Minority Whip Dr. Matt Heinz, Representative Jeff Dial, and House Health and Human Services Chair Cecil Ash, who is also the sponsor of House Bill 2157, Stroke Systems of Care.

During the reception program, attendees had the opportunity to hear from stroke survivor Maria Tapia, Phoenix Board of Directors President Dr. John Schaller, and Heart Ball Chair Julie Prusak, who were all able to stress the importance of the AHA’s mission, highlight current initiatives, and present the AHA’s legislative priorities for the year.

The reception also led to an outstanding opportunity. “Representative Dial was so impressed with the museum, the mission of the AHA, and our priorities that on Thursday, February 24, he invited staff and volunteers to the Arizona House of Representatives so he could recognize us from the floor,” says Tim Vaske, Director of Government Affairs in Arizona.

The successful legislative reception foreshadows the future achievements for the AHA and the Halle Heart Children’s Museum. The museum, now open to the general public and for guided tours, is a unique, fun, and educational part of the Tempe community.

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