Thursday, February 3, 2011

Advocate Spotlight! Teresa Rice

Teresa Rice, a You’re the Cure advocate from Kentucky, was only 38-years-old when she suffered from a heart attack. Now with a heart healthy diet, regular exercise, and a less stressful lifestyle, Teresa has become an advocate for lifestyle changes and policy changes that can reduce an individual’s risk for heart disease and stroke.
“I feel that it is important to be an advocate because I believe, as a constituent, I am going to be able to reach lawmakers and send a more powerful and personal message to them than an organization would be able to do. Hearing from thousands of individuals across the county through You're the Cure sends a tremendous message to our leaders,” she said.

As a You’re the Cure advocate for the past three years, Teresa has emailed, called, and visited with local, state, and national lawmakers to help advance legislation to improve access to quality health care, to educate the public about heart disease, and to increase funding for research.
One campaign in particular stands out to Teresa. Using her personal story and the relationships she had with some of the council members in her hometown of Bardatown, KY, Teresa was able to help get a local smoking ban passed.

“Because I know some of the council members personally, I took the opportunity to share my opinions with them,” she said. “Since I have had a heart attack, I could relate to them about truly personal concerns of being exposed to cigarette smoke. The ban was passed and went into effect in June, 2010.”

Her advice to others? “I would recommend becoming involved with You're the Cure. It doesn't take a lot of time, but the end result can touch thousands of lives.”

Do you know some of your local, state, or federal legislator, like Teresa does? Visit today to update your profile to share that information with us!


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