Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smoke-free Ballot Initiative Victories = Smoke-free Communities!

November was the month of smoke-free ballot initiatives! Missouri, Texas, and South Dakota each saw smoke-free victories, both on the local and state levels. Congratulations to You’re the Cure advocates in each state who fought for these victories…

        1. Missouri can celebrate two hard-fought smoke-free victories this year. Voters in Fulton, MO and Jefferson City, MO made it clear that smoke-free air is important to them by passing strong ordinances in both communities. These victories are important steps in ultimately helping Missouri join the ranks of smoke-free states in the near future. The expectation is that these victories will lead to more local wins, and to eventually carry over to the state level, where advocates are focusing their efforts on educating Missouri legislators on the many benefits of smoke-free air.

        2. The city of San Angelo, Texas became the 34th city to become a smoke-free community. With over 61 percent voter approval, this city will now provide a comprehensive smoke-free work place ordinance for over 92,000 residents. You’re the Cure advocates were critical to the local campaign and many thanks go to board members, Dr. Michael Blanc for a compelling editorial to the local paper, Lisa Burger for co-chairing the local coalition, Joyce Gray for going door to door and local Corporate Market Director Frann Smith who kept the team engaged on the effort and helped guide the Coalition and You’re the Cure advocates!

        3. South Dakotans went to the polls Tuesday, November 2, and said YES to a comprehensive smoke-free law. The campaign found widespread support and You’re the Cure advocates were engaged on a Smoke-free South Dakota Facebook page, which reached thousands of supporters during the campaign. The law took effect on November 10, the day after the state’s official election canvass. You’re the Cure advocates were instrumental in both the 2009 legislative effort and during the 2010 campaign. Passage of this smoke-free law represents more than 812,000 lives protected in South Dakota.

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