Thursday, July 1, 2010

Important Hearing on Child Nutrition

The House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing on HR 5504, an important bill to improve the nutritional quality of meals in schools today. The bill insures that all school children receive healthy and notorious meals year round, not just on school days. On top of that, the bill also sets nutritional standards for food sold outside of cafeterias in our schools. Food sold outside of school hours or in vending machines on school grounds need to be held to the same nutritional standards that food sold in the cafeteria during lunch is.

You’re the Cure advocates and volunteers were on hand during the hearing to show support for the bill. Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Vice President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and member of the American Heart Association’s National Advocacy Coordinating Committee, testified in support of the bill. According to Dr. Sanchez, “The health of America’s children depends on a prescription for healthy food and more physical activity. This bill can play a significant role in improving the health of America’s children, reversing the childhood obesity epidemic, reducing the burden of diabetes, heart and other chronic diseases and demand for expensive medical care, and finally, improving the readiness, willingness, and ability of our future civilian and military workforce – to compete and defend our nation.”

Special emphasis was placed on the importance of military readiness during the hearing. Paul D. Monroe, Major General in the United States Army spoke about how the current obesity crisis crippled the ability of the military to recruit new soldiers. General Monroe stated, “Obesity is the leading medical reason young adults are not qualified to serve. Obesity rates among children and young adults have increased dramatically in recent decades.”

You can play an important role in advancing this important piece of legislation. Click here to send a life saving message to your legislator that you support improved nutrition for America’s children!

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