Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healthcare Hostages Dying For Reform

Nearly 70 heart and stroke patients, doctors and volunteers gathered in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, September 30 for the American Heart Association’s Congressional Lobby Day Fly-In to push for meaningful healthcare reform. Advocates, young and old, from across the country urged their representatives to fix the broken healthcare system by making sure the legislation will help prevent disease and expand access to affordable, quality care for the insured and uninsured. spoke with several survivor-advocates and AHA CEO Nancy Brown to learn more about the event and what it’s like living with chronic conditions and covering the
high cost of treatment.
(photo courtesy of the Neary family)

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Anonymous said...

Just because youo are against smoking doesn't give you the right to ban it from the rest of society. I am a reformed smoker, but this is still America! Too many have paid the ultimate price so that we can have CHOICES.