Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Healthcare Reform- Share your thoughts

Right now, President Obama is hosting an online town hall on healthcare reform. Also today, AHA CEO Nancy Brown and AHA President Clyde Yancy will host a call with You're the Cure advocates to discuss AHA's role in the healthcare reform debate, and how you can have a voice in the discussion.

Please sign our petition in support of healthcare reform that makes healthcare available, affordable and adequate for everyone. We also invite you to share your story. How has the broken healthcare system impacted you or your family? How can reform help you?

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And, you can leave your comments here as well. We want to know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Access to health insurance does NOT mean access to health care. We need to take the profit motivation of insurance companies out of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Acess to health insurance is NOT access to health care. It's time to take the profit motives of insurance companies out of the health care equation. Think about it: what's the difference between an insurance company and a casino? ... nothing, you'll never beat the House, even if you play by the rules.

Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to have a system that will give the patient control over their own health care? For example, we should have access to our own medical records, like MRIs, XRays,ultrasounds, etc. so we have control and are able to give accurate information to each doctor we need to visit. There is so much information lost from doctor to doctor that doesn't get passed on to patients which can lead to misdiagnosis and a lot of frustration. I also think there needs to be a more informative, factual, rating-type, website or source that enables the patient to find the doctor that best suits his/her needs (and I don't mean just where they went to school).
I don't like the idea of just picking a name out of a hat without any information about the doctor's years in practice, # of surgeries, references, etc. This would enable the patient to make an educated decision in finding the best healthcare for their needs. This also can save money and co-pays for numerous visits to various doctors to find the appropriate fit.

Rebstar said...

Will preventative healthcare include "alternative" medicine/practices? There have been numerous studies that have shown outstanding results. Why does our healthcare system ignore this? Or is there a fear that alternative methods address the route of the problem and this may put the pharmaceutical companies out of business? Many pharmeceutical drugs can slowly damage the body and just cover up the problem. Let's find the route of the problems instead of creating more with a quick of the pen on a prescription pad!