Monday, September 8, 2008

Workin’ 9 to 5 to for a National Workplace Wellness Week

Think about what your day at work entails in terms of physical activity. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves sitting more and moving less at work. Since 1950, sedentary jobs have increased 83% in the United States, and obesity alone is costing American companies over $225 billion per year in health-related productivity losses.
Today, over 130 million Americans spend a significant part of their day at work, making the workplace environment one of the best opportunities to promote healthy habits for life; and healthy employees cost less, experience more satisfaction with their lives, and are more productive.
Together, with our employers and the government, we can and must work to address the health of working Americans through the promotion of workplace wellness initiatives. Currently, the American Heart Association strongly supports the National Workplace Wellness Week resolution, being considered in the House of Representatives. The designation of the first week of April as such a week would encourage private and public employers to voluntarily invest in the health of their employees through the creation of worksite health programs.
Urge your lawmakers to stand-up for the health of our workforce by cosponsoring the National Workplace Wellness Week resolution.

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